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Bespoke Tax Advice to Managing Directors, Owners and high net worth individuals.

Inheritance Tax

40% tax on death on the earned assets of business owners is not what they had in mind when they first started.

Looking for an Exit or IPO

We have a large client that is looking to acquire companies that are fast growing or that want to exit or that want to go public on the Stock exchange.

Pension Solutions

Do you have pension funds in excess of your Lifetime Allowance?


"invaluable advice"


Taxation advice

“I have no hesitation in recommending Asset Preservation services to anyone who is looking for taxation advice from someone who places such importance on integrity.” SM, Creative Director, Berkshire


Substantial tax savings

“Asset Preservation have helped Business clients of mine maximise their profitability through substantial tax savings as well as protect their future by ensuring they have efficient partnership agreements.” GE, MD, WMoS Ltd


First rate

“I have worked in conjunction with Asset Preservation for four years now, and found the advice and support they give to clients first rate.” AB, Consultant, MW


Company finances

“Asset Preservation provided me with invaluable advice regarding management of my company finances. This has led to a reduction in the annual corporation tax liability as a direct result.” FB, Owner, BC Ltd

Our Latest Blog Posts

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What Happens to Your Legacy If Your Widowed Spouse Remarries?

Ensure your own children benefit from your share of your residential home if you pre-decease and your spouse re-marries. It can happen that a new will is then made by the widow whereby her estate goes to her new husband thereby bypassing your children.

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Do you need probate on small estates?

Even if an estate is less than £5,000, Probate may still be required re lifetime gifts in the preceding 7 years

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Are you concerned about your assets being attacked by 3rd parties?

A properly worded Will can ensure that half the value of your home is protected against 3rd parties [subject to circumstances].