The Court of Protection

The Court of Protection

A Stealth Tax by Another Name

The government is concerned about people who have either not made a Will and/or have made no provision in the event they become mentally incapacitated. To this end, they have set up a new body, the Court of Protection. Previously, this was covered by Enduring Powers of Attorney [EPA] and the court system which was an easy system to use and relatively economic.

The costs and way the court operates ensures maximum inconvenience and cost for those people who neglected to take a simple precaution while they were able to handle their own affairs. Their families will receive much less than would have been the case had simple planning been done and the elderly will have problems meeting their obligations or having their wishes realised.
The new court works on the basis that all individuals looking after elderly parents are not to be trusted.  Furthermore, it is a great way for the state to obtain money from the taxpayer. All of this could have been avoided by the simple expedient of setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney while they were still “compos mentis” and had legal capacity to make such arrangements. Not to do so is negligent and “pennywise – pound foolish” and can cause untold misery to you and your family, as well as crippling your business should you die before selling it.

If you require further information or advice on how to stop the state taking your money unnecessarily, in fact another stealth tax, contact us for a no obligation discussion on how to safeguard yourself and your family.

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