Oxford, Cambridge, Eton; Bullets, Bombs & Banks

Oxford, Cambridge, Eton; Bullets, Bombs & Banks

ublished on 09/01/2012

According to Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute, these are the powers responsible for our economic destruction [& in the US, Princeton, Harvard, Yale].
How long is the taxpayer going to put up with:

  • Bailouts that bail out only the biggest, greediest, most incompetent, and most unscrupulous
  • Stimulus packages that mainly stimulate government workers and special interests
  • Tax relief for mega-billionaires
  • Draining an already depleted treasury to wage endless, exorbitantly expensive wars in foreign countries
  • Bailouts for the banking system and as with all government initiated support schemes, is doomed to failure

The list goes on. Given the all-encompassing scope of the destruction, some contend it is a plot to deliberately bring the system down. Trend Research

Will you be protecting your business from the tax increases to come or will you just go with the flow?

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