Stark Warning of Financial Collapse in the UK

Stark Warning of Financial Collapse in the UK

Published on 28/01/2013

Moneyweek is the UK’s best-selling financial magazine, with subscribers in more than 60 countries. In its latest issue, it has issued a stark warning of imminent financial collapse in the UK. “In all recorded history, no country has ever recovered from the financial position the UK finds itself in today. We know that debts don’t just disappear. We know that bailouts have big consequences. We know that printing mountains of money can only end in disaster. Despite David Cameron’s talk of “austerity”, he will add £700B to the national debt in just 5years. That’s more than Tony Blair and Gordon Brown added to the national debt in 11 years. It’s more than every British government of the past 100 years put together.

The fact is, the Coalition isn’t cutting anything. State spending is going up… along with the national debt. By 2015, the national debt is estimated to stand at £1.4T. Compared to the size of the economy, the UK is now one of the most heavily indebted countries in the Western world. Total debts stand at more than 5 TIMES what the entire economy is worth.

Proportionally, that’s more debt than Italy… Portugal… Spain… and almost twice as much debt as Greece. The UK is the odd one out because it hasn’t collapsed – yet. But things can’t stay that way for long.”  Click here to read their shocking report.

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