Government Helping Themselves to YOUR Wealth

Government Helping Themselves to YOUR Wealth

Published on 02/06/2014

From MoneyWeek:

There are two ways a government can take your money from you:
It can openly force you to cough up large sums of cash, through taxes.

Or it can deceptively  use various underhand and devious ways of trapping, devaluing and taking your money.

That means taking YOUR wealth by:

Relentlessly Pushing Taxes Higher

Sure, they’ve slightly reduced taxes in certain areas of the economy – like corporation tax. But behind this smokescreen, they’re squeezing tax rates up everywhere they can.

But it’s equally effective to reduce tax relief on the money you’ve already earned – like your pension.

In the space of 5 years or so, the government has squeezed the limit on pension plans from £1.8M… to £1.5M… to £1.25M [not that these restrictions apply to MP’s, mind].

If this trend continues, what comes next? A one off “pension tax”on all pension pots? All out nationalisation of pensions? No one can say. But…..


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