In Italy, They’re Now Taxing Shadows [yes, really]

In Italy, They’re Now Taxing Shadows [yes, really]

Store owners in Conegliano, Italy are now faced with the unfortunate (albeit comically absurd) proposition of paying taxes on shadows

For example:

If a store or a bar has an awning outside, which creates a shadow on public property, they must pay a fee that is part of the tax on public land use.

Mathias, 31, took over his shop in 2008. Outside, to protect the window from the sun so that the foodstuffs are not directly exposed to light, he has installed a curtain of 4 m2. A few days ago he received from Abaco, the company that manages the tax on behalf of the City, the payment request. The tax is charged at €8.40 per m2 and the fee payable was €34.

The best thing about this policy (if you’re the government) is that taken to its logical extreme, you could charge everyone a fee on sunny days as you are probably using public land by casting a shadow. Coming to a UK Chancellor ….soon.

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