Asset Protection

Are you concerned about your assets being attacked by 3rd parties?

A properly worded Will can ensure that half the value of your home is protected against 3rd parties [subject to circumstances].

Do You Know How Much Inheritance Tax your Estate is Liable For?

Last summer, the Duke of Westminster passed away with a £9B estate and is expected to pay little or no IHT. [Source: Daily Mail]

When the 2nd Duke died in 1936, following a court case, the judge ruled it was ‘every man’s right to order his affairs to reduce his tax bill by whatever means he found available’.

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Supreme Court awards ex-wife £500k from husband despite divorcing a decade ago

Lord Wilson, said Ms Wyatt’s claim was ‘legally recognisable‘ and not an ‘abuse of process’.

Protect Your Wealth now to ring fence your assets from third parties.

Despite obvious warning signs, people universally allow themselves to ignore reality

Published on 09/09/2014

Everyone in the country was in shock. People’s new worth had devalued more than 50% overnight. This was Mexico’s devaluation of the peso in 1976 which followed a statement from the President that their currency was safe.
Looking back, it was so obvious. Mexico had a mounting debt, destructive policies, and a woefully unsustainable fixed exchange rate with the $. All the writing was on the wall. But most people ignored the warning signs and kept their money in pesos.

Dec 31st 2001 – Argentina devalues the peso and so reduces the citizens wealth by 50% overnight- yet a month earlier, the President told the nation he would maintain the country’s peg against the $ .

Looking back, the economy was in four years of deep recession & there was huge government debt resulting in a default. But most people ignored the warning signs and kept their money in pesos.

* By May 1939 Hitler had stated very plainly, “the decision remains to attack Poland at the first opportunity.” Germany had 60 divisions massed on the Polish border ready to invade.

Yet people in Poland were told to keep calm, remain in place, and have confidence in their leaders & millions allowed their confidence to be misplaced in leaders who assured them that everything was OK.

Are we so different today? The raw numbers tell us that most banks in Europe & the US are insolvent. Most western governments are bankrupt. Pension and social security funds are insolvent. Financial markets are at precarious valuations. Government debt is un-repayable with spending is out of control & the $ is beginning to unravel as the dominant reserve currency.

Yet we’re all told to keep calm by our leaders. There’s nothing to see here, nothing to worry about.

Deep down, do your instincts tell you that something is seriously wrong with the system?

It’s human nature to want to believe that everything is going to be OK. And when our political leaders whisper soothing words of hope and optimism, we take the bait. Looking back, it’s all going to seem so obvious. If a major currency/banking/debt crisis hits within the next 12-months, people will think, “How did I not see that coming?” 

From an article by Sovereign Man

Do you have Pension Funds in Excess of £1.5M?

Published on 11/03/2014

  • Are you concerned that your pension fund cap is now £1.25M?
  • Are you concerned that tax efficient pension contributions is restricted to just £40K pa?
  • Are you concerned about the 55% tax charge on exit above this cap?
  • Are you concerned about the investment restrictions on UK pensions?
  • Are you concerned about maintaining your living standards into retirement?

If you answer yes to these questions, then you need to know that they don’t have to be subject to these arbitrary restrictions and caps and CAN plan for a wealthier retirement.
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Bundesbank Proposes Wealth Tax for Euro Bailouts

Published on 04/02/2014

FRANKFURT—A one-time levy on private wealth could be an option for euro-zone countries facing extraordinary circumstances, Germany’s central bank said Monday, reviving a long-standing debate over how far German taxpayers should go to support their indebted neighbours. Governments would also have to implement the one-time tax quickly, or risk boosting tax evasion, “and increasing tax evasion would in turn decrease the acceptance of the levy,” the Bundesbank said.

Die intestate and your loved ones will be left to untangle your legacy

Published on 06/09/2012

Why is it important to have one?

By writing a will you can be sure your estate – your money and belongings – goes to the people you want it to after you die. A will can also ensure there is adequate financial provision for any dependants, as well as stating who should care for them.

What happens if I die without a will?

The rules of intestacy are complicated and vary depending on circumstance. In England and Wales, if the total estate is worth less than £250,000, including a property, and you are married or in a civil partnership, all the money passes to your spouse. This is the case even if you are separated but still married.

Seek professional advice now and avoid unnecessary stress for your family.