Guardian newspaper benefits from offshore trusts

Day two of the Guardian newspaper’s ongoing “Offshore Secrets” investigation focused on “who is buying up London: the real identities behind Britain’s secret property deals”. Some 100,000 individuals and companies have been purchasing British properties and offices using offshore companies and reducing their bill to the Exchequer.

90 King’s Place, the Guardian’s offices in central London, is owned by a tax exempt offshore investment trust managed from Germany. The double standards of the Guardian in moralising about tax-avoiding offshore owned properties when it is actually based in one, is…interesting, to say the least.

Companies must raise £28T to finance ‘wall’ of debt

Published on 26/05/2012

The money is needed to refinance old borrowings and fund new spending, raising major questions over the ability of the world economy to avoid a recession, according to a report from Standard & Poor’s.

British companies will have to find between £220B – £268B of new financing to fund their growth plans on top of refinancing hundreds of billions of pounds more of existing debt, according to the ratings agency.

Companies need to ring fence their assets and protect their wealth.

Chancellor Lobbies Indian Gov’t on Vodafone’s Behalf

Published on 08/05/2012

The Indian Government intends to introduce retrospective legislation to tax Vodafone on it’s purchase of an Indian mobile operation. The Chancellor has lectured New Delhi on the consequences for future investment by pursuing this course of action.