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UK taxpayers facing £38M bill to bail out Cyprus

UK taxpayers facing £38M bill to bail out Cyprus

Over-50s set to live longer but not prosper

Published on 07/12/2012

The over-50s are underestimating how long they will live and are over-optimistic about how well off they will be in their retirement, particularly given the low annuity rates on offer, according to new research by pension experts. The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) said people must conduct a healthcheck of their workplace pension.

As a business owner, how are you going to maintain your living standards in retirement? Our planning strategies can help business owners plan for their eventual exit from their business. Contact us now for an initial discussion.

Not Enough Lifeboats on Euro Titanic

Many Eurocrats were laughing at the crisis as he spoke:




UK families most heavily taxed in developed world

Published on 25/05/2012

A report from think-tank CARE has revealed that a traditional family, with married parents and two children but a sole breadwinner earning the UK mean wage of £35,212, shoulders a greater tax burden [£1,675 a year more] than in any other country in the OECD, which includes the US, Australia, France, Ireland and Japan.

Don’t Hate the Player – Hate the Game

The Chancellor’s economic policy for SME’s:

*  If it moves – tax it
*  If it keeps moving – regulate it
*  If it stops – subsidise it
More & more businesses owners are not accepting this particlar status quo.

Leading private health firms set up overseas structures to avoid tax

Published on 22/03/2012

Report exposes how four of five biggest health companies that lobbied in favour of health bill can keep taxes to a minimum.

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100 Year Perpetual Bonds – Mortgaging our Future?

George Osborne wants to exploit historically low borrowing rates by making plans to issue “perpetual” government bonds which will never have to be repaid & to relieve the debt burden on future generations by extending the length of bonds to 100 years or into perpetuity. Bondholders would simply receive regular interest payments.

When interest rates do eventually rise, bond holders will incur large capital losses.  A case of mortgaging “our grandchildren’s future?”

Are You More Afraid of Your Assets Being Taken by Your Own Government than by Criminals?

Published on 16/02/2012

  • Does it bother you that the government has access to every bank and financial investment account connected to your name?
  • Does it concern you that you are now more likely to be arrested than sued in connection with your business activities?
  • Could you or your business be the next target in the war on wealth?

If you have answered yes to these questions, then read on. The only way to avoid being a target is to minimise the wealth that predators can attack. This means ring fencing your assets from predators, & to legally reduce your tax liabilities using non contentious tax planning.

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It’s a Game of Global Currency Chicken

Published on 01/02/2012

Who has the weakest currency? The professional speculative class who are alive and well, speculate with free money and when they make a mistake, they get bailed out.

They are looking for the weakest link – is it the ¥? Is it the £? Is it the $? Depending on how they feel, they select a currency du jour to beat up. The financial oligarchs grow ever stronger, meanwhile you, as a business owner, pay up to 30% to borrow money and there is no bailout money in the event of problems. Protect your assets NOW.

Britain’s poorest hit by £2.5bn ‘stealth tax’

Published on 12/01/2012

Tax cuts for low and middle-income families in April will be dwarfed by hidden reductions in tax credits, according to a study for The Independent.
The analysis found that the £1bn of tax cuts in April will be outweighed by reductions of more than £2.5bn in the complex tax-credit scheme.
Most of the cuts to credits, which top up the wages of low-income families in work, will take effect from April and could catch families unaware.
The Government’s flagship policy of raising income-tax thresholds has been trumpeted by the Liberal Democrats as their main achievement since the Coalition was formed last year – and a major boost for the low-paid.
But the Resolution Foundation think tank, which undertook the study, questions the fairness of the changes.
George Osborne, the Chancellor, increased the personal tax allowance from £6,475 last year to £7,475 in the current financial year, and it will rise to £8,105 in April. Nick Clegg hopes it will reach £10,000 by the next election to fulfil a key pledge in last year’s Liberal Democrat manifesto.