What Happens to Your Legacy If Your Widowed Spouse Remarries?

Ensure your own children benefit from your share of your residential home if you pre-decease and your spouse re-marries.

It can happen that a new will is then made by the widow whereby her estate goes to her new husband thereby bypassing your children.

Do you need probate on small estates?

Even if an estate is less than £5,000, Probate may still be required re lifetime gifts in the preceding 7 years

Are you concerned about your assets being attacked by 3rd parties?

A properly worded Will can ensure that half the value of your home is protected against 3rd parties [subject to circumstances].

Marriage or re-marriage can invalidate a Will

Unless it has a contemplation of marriage clause, marriage or re-marriage invalidates a Will, requiring a new one to be written.

Divorce does not invalidate your Will

What happens to your grandchildren if their parents die?

Without a Will, even grandparents have NO automatic Legal Guardianship of their orphaned grandchildren and will be taken into care.

Make sure your children have made a will to cover their Guardianship wishes.

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A last will and testament

A beneficiary or their spouse should not be a witness to a Will, or they will disinherit themselves.

Do You Want Your Estate to go to the Government?

Without a Will, the Government could inherit your estate if you die with no surviving traceable relatives.

Charities, as an example, can be an alternative option.

What Happens to Spouses and Civil Partners if There is no Will?

Without a Will, spouses and civil partners are NOT automatically entitled to all of your estate on death.


What Happens to Your Business When You Die?

Too many business owners make no provision in their will [assuming they have one] for their business.

In one recent case, a builder had a stroke on site that eventually led to his death. Because their was no business continuity planning in his will, the company bank accounts were frozen which led to the collapse of his business and the laying off of staff.

Two redundant staff then decided to take his estate to court to sue for negligence and won. This led to his widow having to sell her house in settlement of the claim.

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