Looking for a Exit or an IPO?

Looking for a Exit or an IPO?

We have a large client that is looking for companies that are fast growing or that want to exit or that want to go public on the Stock exchange.

They have a network of investors and high net individuals that are looking to invest in companies globally, including the UK, subject to the following:


  • A yearly EBITDA of a min. of £750K ($1M)
  • A min. of 3 years in business
  • Debt free i.e. no large bank loans or similar. Operational debt such as factoring, leasing etc is acceptable.


  • Marketing
  • Aviation and Automobile
  • Civil Engineering
  • Property Group (not fixed assets, Letting agencies, facility management etc.)
  • Fintech (Financial Technology and Training, Crowdfunding etc)
  • Life sciences
  • Recruitment
  • Nurseries
  • Event management
  • Shipping
  • Transport

Cluster IPO

A cluster IPO is a methodology or model created to solve a number of problems entrepreneurs face in growing their business and adding value.

Entrepreneurs and business owners have big goals and ambitions when they start out on their journey but along the way they tend to hit some speed bumps. This is usually due to finances, how to grow, how to exit, or at times, just how to survive.

This is a unique and innovative way of taking companies public on the stock market.

Core Benefits

  • Leverage a group balance sheet for winning bigger business
  • Easy International growth
  • Natural mastermind with key industry authorities
  • Easy merger opportunities, should you wish to
  • Dream advisory board
  • Liquid net worth
  • Hedged risk

There are no fees to take the company public
The cost for a normal IPO can be anywhere from hundreds of thousands of pounds to several million pounds

You keep 100% control of your business and the day to day running of it
You do not relinquish control unless you want to. You have a choice to continue running your business, on a day to day basis, with 100% of the control like you have now, or to exit and do something else. The choice is yours.

Focus on your business and not the admin of the IPO
The normal IPO route requires a lot of time and focus from you, or you have to hire people just to take care of all the work in preparation to go public. We have a whole team dedicated to taking care of all the legal work, due diligence and other requirements, so that you can focus on growing your business.

What is the next step?

There are a few criteria that need to be in place before you can join us in a cluster IPO. Your company needs to have at least a yearly profit of £250,000 and be debt free.
If you are not quite there yet, we can help you become more profitable and debt-free, so you can qualify, in as little as 3-6 months.