Save on Merchant Fees

Save on Merchant Fees

Savings in credit and debit card Merchant Fees

For business clients that take payments via credit or debit card, either face to face, online or over the phone, the chances are that you will be paying too much in banking transaction fees. In general, merchants are faced by an array of complex pricing and industry coding and are completely unaware if they are paying too much in bank charges. [Please note that a Merchant Account is totally separate from a business current account].

Our client company can save clients between 30% to 50% on their merchant account fee charges. Minimum turnover of £100K card turnover per annum.

Some recent examples:

  • Online Sports retailer saves 30% or £29K
  • Passenger Boat Business saves 36% or £7K
  • Boutique Hotel saves 43% or £23K
  • Pizza restaurant chain saves 38% or £27K
  • Gym saves 27% or £24K
  • Group of low budget hostels saves 21% or £19K
  • Dentist saves 20% or £21K
  • Convenience store saves £46% or £15K

The process is straightforward.

Simply send us a recent merchant account invoice and we will provide you with a report showing the potential savings that can be made – this is free and without obligation.

Savings are enabled because of the volume of clients that are represented.