Wealth Preservation

Wealth Preservation

  • Most businesses pay more tax than is legally necessary
  • In the maze of taxes, they don’t know what they don’t know…and neither do their accountants

We help business owners, legally, to pay substantially less tax, thus retaining more for themselves and their business. We are a specialist provider of advanced tax planning solutions to Director/ Owners of SME’s, helping them to protect their company wealth and preserve their private assets.

  • Did you know that in a recent survey, 53% of UK taxpayers are doing nothing to mitigate expected tax increases?
  • Did you know that UK Government debt goes up by £300,000 every 60 seconds which the taxpayer will have to pay for?
  • Did you know that 25M people depend on the UK Government either for their salary or for their income?

And that this is all paid for by only 22M taxpayers? [Sources: Tax Action Report/Centre for Policy Studies/Office for National Statistics]

We help you and your business plan the future for you and create a financial environment geared to your desired aims.